Tri-Wall UK Release Whitepaper, Redefining the Standards for Lithium-Ion Battery Packaging

From 2018 to 2021, Tri-Wall collaborated with partners including Jaguar-Land Rover, 3M and the UK Health and Safety Executive to form LIBRIS (Lithium-Ion Battery Research into Safety), a government-funded research and development program redefining the standards of safe lithium-ion battery manufacturing, handling and transportation.

As part of the LIBRIS project, Tri-Wall was able to perform destructive testing with live cells to measure the impact of lithium-ion battery cells entering rapid disassembly and use this information to develop our own state-of-the-art range of lithium-ion battery packaging solutions.

Our range of packaging includes scalable solutions for lithium-ion cells, modules, full-ev packs and
even static storage. Our solutions have been developed with UKBIC to ensure that they are production line ready. We are also the UK’s sole supplier of Thermoshield, a clean and lightweight thermal mitigation material which, along with our packaging, has been tested with the UK Health and Safety Executive using live cells.

Lithium-ion batteries are governed by a range of UN Regulations (particularly UN3480 and UN3481), as well as rules set out by various transport bodies. We are here to help you understand these regulations and produce a tailor-made solution that is suitable for your product. Our unrivalled expertise in battery packaging and the automotive industry means we can provide guidance at all levels.

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For more information on the LIBRIS development process, download our Whitepaper here. For support with lithium-ion battery packaging, please get in touch with our expert battery team. Call us on 01600 772222 or email batteries@nathan-triwall

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