Tri-Wall is Awarded Welsh Government Open Innovation Feasibility Funding

Tri-Wall UK Ltd is delighted to be awarded funding through the SMART Cymru, Welsh Government to support an Open Innovation feasibility business exercise.

Open Innovation

Tri-Wall aims to undertake this work that we will develop and adopt improved open innovation culture and processes, leading to a strategic and managed approach to open innovation and collaboration.

Open innovation in our context is defined as collaborative innovation for the successful development and commercialisation of new technologies and ideas.

The main outcome of the study will be an open innovation plan for the business, providing the rationale and confidence to invest further resources to open innovation activities. It could provide the foundation for new product and processes development, and cross-sector fertilisation of existing technologies into new markets.

An open Innovation culture will make the business fit to offer multiple and ongoing opportunities for high-value collaboration.

Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

To better enable Open Innovation, which may attract valuable collaboration and to develop the business towards the future of modern workplace methodology, it will be essential for us to adopt an embedded EGS culture throughout the UK.

ESG aims to cover the following:

  • Wellbeing and development of our employees
  • Trust of our clients and security of their information
  • Managing and influencing ESG issues in our supply chain
  • Environmental impact of our services, especially about energy consumption, printing and paper use
  • Engagement with the local community.
  • Structured cross-business communication pathways that may encourage shared best business practices.

Led by Mike Valentine – Projects Lead, “We are delighted with the support as this funding further demonstrates the Government confidence in Tri-Wall. We wish to create a psychologically safe environment for employees to have a valued voice and grow with the business and its Innovation/EGS goals.”

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