Environmental policy

There's lots to consider
to reduce emissions effectively

All our products are designed to be sustainable

We create the optimum packaging design for your product, business & supply chain by working collaboratively with you, often visiting your site, to fully understand the packaging process from start to finish.

Looking at the whole packaging picture we build the right solution to maximise efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and reduce your costs. We make packaging work smarter.

Our processes

All our processes, from manufacture to transportation, reduce our carbon footprint. Clearly, this can make a big difference when you consider the size of our company.

All our paper and timber materials & products can be 100% recycled

Typically two trees are planted for every tree cut down

The high strength-to-weight ratio of our corrugated packaging and pallets significantly reduces CO2 emissions

protective covers, corner protection, bolsters and pads are recovered from our process waste

We make our own bespoke
Tri-Wall pallet system from waste recovered from our manufacturing process

our products are designed to be sustainable

We are constantly looking into new and innovative ways of doing the right thing to build more sustainable solutions for our customers and our planet.

We don’t stop at materials, we consider every aspect of an item’s journey to maximise efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

Tri-Wall Product Environmental Policy


We build a full picture of the product to fit the packaging around it. Making sure we select the right materials to provide full protection whilst minimising waste. Fitting the packaging around the product allows us to fit more units per container. If you can fit more in a box, you’ll need less packaging and less haulage space. Savings on packaging waste and haulage space all count towards a lower carbon footprint. But don’t forget, this also reduces cost.


In selecting the right materials we consider what would give the best protection, the material weight, the manufacturing process and the material recyclability. We consider if a returnable solution would be better suited and if this would work in the supply chain. Working with most materials allows us to offer an unbiased solution and consider the carbon footprint of the lifetime of the product, not just the manufacturing, so you benefit from the best solution overall.

Environmental Policy Material

Packaging size

Yes size matters… It’s to make sure your packaging is working as smart as possible for you. We consider size and shape to not only fit more units per box but maximise the utilisation of haulage space. If you can fit more boxes in your van, lorry, boat or plane, you can ship more. And the more you ship, the lower your carbon footprint. As a side benefit, if you can ship more for the same, your shipping cost is also reduced.


We also consider how you work, which lets us design packaging to be more efficient. Packaging designed to fit machinery and racking improves efficiency and saves time throughout the manufacturing process. More efficient use of machinery is another step towards lower carbon emissions.

Environmental Policy Process

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