• As a product designer, Tri-Wall’s packaging was specially designed to shape around my product and give it total protection throughout its journey.”

  • I’m in charge of manufacturing and I demand packaging that’s easy to use, and integrates into our production process to cut down delays. The system Tri-Wall devised for us does this effortlessly.”

  • “As a quality manager, I definitely don’t want any returns. Tri-Wall’s packaging keeps our products in perfect condition – during storage and transit.”

  • “Logistics is all about getting products from A to B safely and cost-effectively. Tri-Wall’s packaging does that for us – right down to the supply chain.”

  • As head of procurement, I’m focused on the bottom line and supplier reliability. Tri-Wall’s solution for us was completely tailor-made, and actually saved us money in several areas – not to mention time, resources and manpower."


Welcome to Tri-Wall

If you have products that need to be transported in the UK, around Europe or across the world, you need to speak to Tri-Wall Europe about your packaging.

We are the only company to have globally connected teams providing complete corrugated packaging systems that save time and manpower, reduce costs, improve efficiency and support sustainability throughout a product's supply chain.

Most important of all, our heavy duty packaging solutions are completely bespoke to you and your company. They are purpose designed and built to fit into your manufacturing processes, minimising your storage space and inventory, saving you money and increasing your profitability across the entire supply chain.

In short, Tri-Wall Europe provides a complete package that meets the needs of all of your key personnel, your customers, and even their customers.

Find out more about Tri-Wall corrugated packaging today. It’s the complete package.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

  • Lightweight


  • Recyclable


  • Impressive stacking strength

    Impressive stacking strength

  • Shock absorbing

    Shock absorbing

  • Economical


  • Reduces damage

    Reduces damage

  • Printable


  • Lower freight costs

    Lower freight costs


You might think that a bespoke packaging solution created specifically for your business would be unnecessarily expensive. Far from it. Tri-Wall packaging can actually save your business money right through the process, from inventory all the way to disposal. There are many more advantages to using Tri-wall packaging too. Here you’ll discover how we work on a truly global scale, our innovative research and development and the stringent product testing we carry out. You’ll also gain an insight into our extensive manufacturing facilities and worldwide network of fabricators.


Glass-fronted Cabinets

£200,000 savings in the first year

Modular design to fit over 20 different products

100% recyclable, non-returnable solution

Quick and easy to assemble – reduced labour costs

Zero damages reported – no product replacement costs

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Stairlift Carriage Pack

30% less storage space

50% fewer pallet movements

100% recyclable, non-returnable solution

30% reduction in CO2

£25,000 savings in the first six months of use

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Aircraft Engine Pack

Quick and easy to assemble

Fits in line-side

20% reduction in transport costs

One-trip solution – no return shipping costs

100% recyclable

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Battery Pack

Significantly reduced freight costs

Reduced stock levels

Reduced labour costs – third party packer no longer needed

Improved handling, distribution and disposal of waste

Cost savings of £28,000 a year

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CKD Cowling Pack

Optimum product protection

90% reduction in volume by nesting the product

Improved volumes for export and storage

Lower packaging costs

100% recyclable, non-returnable solution

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