Tri-Wall Europe Announces Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that Tri-Wall Europe Limited has acquired 51% of Rosewood Packaging Group.

Tri-Wall Group

Tri-Wall’s corporate headquarters are in Hong Kong, reflecting the Group’s increasingly International corporate profile, and China’s central importance to the Group’s long-term vision and growth. From Hong Kong, TRI-WALL LIMITED oversees the Tri-Wall Group subsidiary holding companies for Japan, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and United States. “One World, One Tri-Wall” – wherever our customers are, we provide innovative and cost-effective products and services that set the standard for quality, reliability and excellence.     Today, the Tri-Wall Group is still evolving. Our network continues to expand, even as we increase our global awareness and broaden our corporate goals. We are carrying the Tri-Wall name into non-packaging related areas; creating new products and services using the same world-class standards for innovation, quality, and customer-driven performance that Tri-Wall established over half-a-century ago. Contact us or a member of our Global Network to customize your packaging solution. Global Reach – Local Service