Tri-Wall Europe Announces Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that Tri-Wall Europe Limited has acquired 51% of Rosewood Packaging Group.

Testing Services

Material and Package Testing Services

Tri-Wall has been testing and developing materials and packaging since 1963. By using our material and package testing services, we can offer a full evaluation of your current packaging and make recommendations on improvements and opportunities to reduce the cost. Generally the most frequently requested test information is “how much can I stack on my box”. Using our large format Box Compression Tester, which can put up to 20 Tonnes on a box or pallet load, enables us to give real information to our customers. Clearly there are many variables such as warehouse / shipping conditions, type of pallet used and duration of transit cycle that are critical when establishing the performance requirements of any packaging and our Technical Team are experts in helping our customers establish the correct specification for their specific needs. As you would expect, our Test House also tests the raw materials we use and the finished product to ensure we are using quality materials and providing a quality product.

Dangerous Goods Testing

We are very familiar with the regulations regarding the transport of Dangerous goods, such as Explosives, Chemicals and Li-Ion / Wet-Cell Batteries. If you need to ship something hazardous why not give us a call and let us help you through the minefield. We have pre-approved Dangerous Goods packs available: Tri-Wall has a UKAS accredited Dangerous Goods Test Station. UKAS No. 8054 View or download a copy of our Scope of accreditation. Contact us today to find out more about our package and dangerous goods testing services.