Tri-Wall Europe Announces Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that Tri-Wall Europe Limited has acquired 51% of Rosewood Packaging Group.

Our Solutions - Industrial Packaging Solutions

The beauty of using Tri-Wall for your industrial packaging solutions is that we can provide you with enormous flexibility. We create bespoke industrial packaging unique to your business and made from a range of high performing corrugated materials. These include Tri-Wall AAA, AA, CA, BA, BC and A and C flute, which ensure the protection of your products at every stage of its journey.

Our customers can also benefit from our array of pre-designed packaging solutions and a selection of specialised packaging for hazardous goods.

All in all, the depth and quality of our range has led to us working with businesses in a whole variety of sectors – you can read many case studies in this section – and brought us a collection of awards.

Why Corrugated | Pre-Designed Packaging | Dangerous Goods

A different type of packaging

If your packaging requirements are more complicated, in terms of unusually shaped, fragile products, or a challenging distribution network. Then Tri-Wall can help you develop a completely bespoke industrial packaging solution.

Now you might think this would be expensive. In actual fact, through use of Tri-Wall performance corrugated materials, you can actually take cost out. You’ve heard the term ‘Quality not quantity’, and this is true of Tri-Wall.

We use Wet Strength Kraft, Virgin Kraft papers and Wet Strength Adhesives throughout our products. As a result, this gives an enormous performance benefit over any other fibreboard, certain wood, plastic or metal packaging materials. Through clever engineering and reduction in the volume of material, we’re able to design cost out of your packaging and processes.

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