On Site packing

extensive experience of packing a wide variety of products for export

We can provide anything from a single packer for a few hours to a multiskilled team for larger contracts. We’re happy to pack wherever suits you.

Tri-Wall’s packers are familiar with the standard range of shipping containers and methods of loading and bracing techniques. As well as supplying the more traditional methods of load securement such as timber and strapping, we can also supply container airbags.

No problem is too big or small

In accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) directives, we can undertake the packing of a wide range of hazardous goods including paint, thinners and oil in preparation for transport by air.

Tri-Wall can supply plywood cases and IATA 4 GV boxes that meet the UN criteria for packing and distributing hazardous goods. Tri-Wall also supplies vermiculite, a highly absorbent and fireproof loose-fill material that can retain leaks from packed materials.

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