Tri-Wall Europe Announces Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that Tri-Wall Europe Limited has acquired 51% of Rosewood Packaging Group.

Minimising Our Environmental Impact

At Tri-Wall, everything we do is dedicated to protecting our precious environment and reducing the impact that our activities have on it. In short, we strive at all times to lead the way for environmentally friendly packaging companies in green best practice.

Throughout our business, we operate a strict policy to ensure that all of our processes, from the manufacturing of our product packaging to its transportation, reduce our carbon footprint. Clearly, this can make a big difference when you consider the size of our company.

Over half of our corrugated packaging is recycled in the UK – recycling corrugated board and boxes use 25% less energy than manufacturing new packaging.

Our corrugated board and boxes can be back on the shelf within 14 days of recycling.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of our corrugated packaging and pallets means that transport costs can be significantly reduced.

We avoid using landfill at all times. That’s because recycling just one tonne of corrugated board saves over nine cubic metres of landfill space.

All of our protective covers, corner protection, bolsters and pads are recovered from our process waste.

We make our own bespoke Tri-Wall pallet system from waste recovered from our manufacturing process.