Change the way you ship overseas with corrugated export transit packs
Do you currently use Returnable Plastic Crates? Tri-Wall have developed a solution that is more efficient and can be recycled at the destination end.
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Why use corrugated export transit packs
over existing plastic returnable solutions


packaging recyclability

At the journey end


Strong & Tough

Triple-walled sheet board


Easy Access

Fold down sleeve aides ease of loading



Sleeve height


Manufactured in the UK


FSC Accredited

All of our paper is sourced from FSC accredited forests

Pallet Footprint

Transit packs can be supplied to a standard pallet footprint with no initiation costs or if you need something more bespoke, Tri-Wall’s team of expert designers are on hand to create something more tailored to your product / supply chain needs.

Export transit packs can be supplied with either corrugated or timber pallet systems. Pallet provides 4-way entry FLT access and base board ensure it’s suitable for racking & conveyor systems.

Packs are supplied kitted for ease of storage and can be assembled within seconds. All packs are manufactured using sustainably sourced, recyclable corrugated board, manufactured right here in the UK by Tri-Wall. 

Our Transit Packs are perfect for...




Experience the benefits of our Export Transit Packs

where increased shipping costs and the introduction of the plastic tax has made returnable loops less viable. Packs are compatible with returnable macro bins & expendable dunnage systems.

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The build / design

Packs are produced using heavy-duty corrugated sheet board which is manufactured by Tri-Wall in the UK. Our sheet board is manufactured using high-performance Kraft papers, semi-chem fluting and wet strength adhesive. 

The overall quality of the board results in packs being able to withstand over 2,000kgs in compression testing. All of our paper is sourced from FSC accredited forests.-

Standard sizes / Assembled

Full Height

I.D. 1130 x 940 x 820mm
O.D. 1200 x 1000 x 944mm

Half Height

I.D. 1130 x 940 x 420mm
O.D. 1200 x 1000 x 524mm

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