Tri-Wall Feature In Advances Wales

We’re really pleased to share that Tri-Wall featured in Advances Wales magazine this week with an article focused on our expertise in Lithium-Ion battery packaging and transportation. Advances Wales is a free quarterly magazine showcasing the latest news, research and developments in science, technology and engineering in Wales. You can view the latest edition here, we’re on page 16:

Screenshot taken from Advances Wales – Tri-Wall article

Innovation is in Tri-Wall’s DNA, Tri-Wall being the first company to manufacture heavy-duty AAA triple-wall corrugated in the UK and Europe. Tri-Wall’s expertise in Lithium-Ion solutions stems from our collaboration within LIBRIS (Lithium-Ion Battery Research Into Safety), a government funded research and development programme looking into the safety of Lithium-Ion batteries, from production, handling, packaging and transportation, as well as in states of disrepair or end-of-use.

Tri-Wall worked in partnership with Jaguar Land-Rover, 3M, UK HSE, WMG, Denchi, Potenza, Lifeline and UK BIC. As a result of the collaboration the team at Tri-Wall are in a perfect position to support and advise companies working with Lithium-Ion batteries on their entire production process, as well as provide bespoke and pre-approved packaging solutions which meet industry standards and have been tested using live cells.

Click here to find out more about our expertise in batteries and download our whitepaper.

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